We are starting the new year with a new tool from Techpacker to help you stay on top of the tech pack game! Get easy access to all of your tech packs, cards, libraries, and comments. There is no more need to dig through the tech packs and library folders. All you need is just one click away!

Create new tech packs faster

At the moment all of your tech packs are spread out throughout multiple folders neatly organized across your organization. If you are a small brand you are probably producing four collections per year, if you are a part of a large brand even more. Each collection consists of, let’s say, ten designs. So at least forty tech packs in front of you on your workspace yearly. What happens if you need to look up a specific tech pack as a reference for a new collection? You would allocate them to years, then to seasons, then dig into the tech packs to find what you need. Too many unnecessary clicks!

With the Global Search, all you need to do is enter a keyword, for example, “wrap dress” and it will list all matching tech packs. Making the process much faster and efficient.

Global search tool Techpacker find tech packs fast
Simply type the tech pack name or part of the name to locate the needed tech pack